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This is a BBS written in Rebol Server Pages that runs under the Cheyenne Web Server.

An example is running here

User data, and indices are stored on Amazon SDB, and all messages are stored as JSON objects on Amazon S3.  The advantage of this is no need to set up and maintain a db eg. mysql, do backups and worry about PHP exploits.  Also you can run the scripts from different sites all accessing the same data.

All Amazon calls are done via Rebol SOAP messages that implement the respective APIs.

So, all you need is

  1. These scripts
  2. Cheyenne web server
  3. An Amazon AWS account, and you have to sign up for the S3 and SDB services


Thanks to Gregory Pecheret for his html parser, and Chris Ross-Gill for his Json code.

The HTML parser allows the use of emoticons viz: :-)  :) :-)) :)) :-( ;-) ;)

and [code] ... [/code], [b] .. [/b] and [i] .. [/i] tags.

URLs and Image links are parsed out without the need for tags.

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